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Selecting the right builder is the most important aspect of building a custom home. This selection should consider the builder’s reputation for honesty, integrity, and his ability to produce quality work with desired results at minimum expense and waste.


You should be presented with contract options and know how they will impact the cost of your home. It is important that the builder explain the specifics and benefits of each option.

Since the builder directly affects a project’s cost and construction time, choose a builder that is experienced, committed to fulfilling your vision, and has the track record of completing homes on time.

  1. Take the time to meet the builder’s personnel, people with whom you will have regular communications.
  2. Review his portfolio and visit some of the homes he has recently built.
  3. Investigate the customer satisfaction, both before and after the homeowner has moved in. Did he respond in a timely and courteous manner to their needs and requests?

It is important that the builder you select is someone you can trust and with whom you feel  compatible. Building your dream home should be an exciting and rewarding experience.

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